Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Case of the Missing Book

I have to start this post by admitting that I completely sucked at the final leg of the Lord of the Rings Readalong. I was going so strong, my posts were fairly on schedule and I was loving the books. When I finished The Two Towers, I wanted so badly to continue on with The Return of the King but March wasn't over and I didn't want to finish it before everyone else had even started it, so I put it down. That was my big mistake. April turned out to be a crazy month and May 1st came and went with me only getting 10 pages into ROTK!!!

The problem was that everything was so crazy, I felt like I wouldn't be able to fully appreciate the story. Plus, I didn't want it to end. I enjoyed seeing it on the table waiting for me. Finally today I picked the book up again and threw myself into the story. I read about 15 more pages and had to set it down to help with some moving stuff (we had pro movers packing us up courtesy of the Army...now I'm spoiled and will never move myself again) I set my book down in a designated "no pack zone" and when I went back an hour later it was GONE!!! I don't know what happened but I think somehow it ended up with the other books packed away for A MONTH! (we are having them store our stuff while we get our living situation finalized)

What the hell man!! Am I being punished by the readalong gods? I finally allow myself to get back into the story and finish an adventure that I have fallen in love with only to have it ripped away/hidden. The picture is the view right now from my couch. I feel like I'm in a fort but somewhere in there is my book.....

Suffice to say I will not be finishing the book until next month (*sniff*), but I think the real loser here is my husband who waited so patiently until May to start pestering me about watching the movies. When I started reading the books, he was so excited to watch the movies again and I told him not to even ask until April was over and I had finished reading all the books. Well sorry Mike, you have to wait another month...oops.


dolleygurl said...

Aww man, that sucks! I am in the process of moving now too - so half my books are at the new place and half are still here. The ones you want are never where you are. Hope you find it!

Jenny said...

Oh no! Poor you! If only you were me - my big sister collects different editions of Lord of the Rings, so there are at least six copies of each of the books at my parents' house. When I couldn't find my copy of ROTK, I ran over to my parents' place and swiped one of theirs. :)