Monday, October 19, 2009


I like to talk…a lot. I also love to read books, so naturally I talk about books. Most of my friends and family don’t share the same obsession with books that I do so I usually end up talking about my new favorite book while they nod along. This blog is a way for me to discuss my love for books with people who can fully appreciate and understand my feelings.

My reviews are very honest and basically what I would tell you if you came up and asked me about a particular book. If I don’t like the book I will definitely explain that but I also try to understand what would make someone with different tastes enjoy it and discuss that aspect as well.

You can also read most of my reviews on Amazon and LibraryThing.

Contact me: abookhoarder (at) gmail (dot) com

Authors and Publishers:

If you would like me to review a book please email me. Accepting a review book does not guarantee a review. If the book and I just are not getting along I may not finish it and therefore won’t write a review. However, just because I finish a book and write a review does not guarantee the review will be positive. My reviews are honest but I try to be open to different styles as well.

Preferred genres: historical fiction, current events, memoirs, young adult, literary fiction, contemporary fiction, general non-fiction (including politics, sociology, and gender studies).

Genres I tend to stay away from: Christian fiction, romance, poetry, and erotica.

I am currently not accepting e-books.

I will not sell an ARC—I hoard all books equally.

I will do my best to review a book in a timely manner. However, reading is my hobby, not my career (if anyone wants to hire me as an “official reader” or make something else up that I can do to read and make loads of money I’m game) and it may take me 2-3 months to post a review. I will try to post ARC reviews on or around the release date.

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