Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't Tell My Husband

I hope you can keep a secret because my husband is about to become frustrated with me otherwise. I went to the library today to pick up a couple items I requested. I walked in with just my keys and library card planning on making it a quick trip (I didn't even bring in my coffee) but I had to turn right around and get my wallet because they had shelves of books for sale in the entryway that I just couldn't pass up.

Since moving, I have been trying to be really good with my book buying. I have even put together some boxes to donate and my husband has been oh so patient with me.  This was just too much for me to pass up.

They were all in the $.50 - $2 range so it was quite a deal. Yes, I already own one...or two but they are in different formats.  I know I have a problem people!!  One I have been curious about for a while.  One I grabbed because I will eventually read it.  And because of the loving, devoted, caring wife that I am, I picked up a book for the husband as well....and maybe as a bribe to not judge me for my addiction.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Doh! Moment

I was so proud of myself today because I finished a book yesterday and wrote the review TODAY.  Only the day after.  That is something that hasn't been happening lately.  Reviews in general haven't been happening.  I just feel disconnected from the little blog and all the wonderful peeps behind it and I want to get back in it but I have to post to do that and in order to post I have to write something and to write something I have to FEEL like it and I don't because I am so disconnected and it is a vicious cycle.  So today I was all on my game and I wrote my review and didn't happen to to look at the publication date on the ARC and was all...

It isn't out until September.  I was just THAT excited to tell you about it.

My mom and me at the fair...just because it's funny
But then I thought...why must I feel the pressure of posting a review.  I can get back into this world other ways.  I loved posting Saturday Snapshot but that's not happening anymore because I work 8am - 10:30pm on Saturdays but I like Wordless Wednesday too...I just tend to have a problem with the whole wordless part...

But I can do it!  And I will.

So tomorrow I will be back and sometime in September I will have a review.

Also, I came across this little gem thanks to Shelf Awareness for Readers today.   
Harry Potter Fun Facts; Reading Cats
Check out Emma Watson mouthing Rupert and Daniel's lines.  Funny and adorable.  

(Little Fish was the book...in case you were wondering)