Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Library...The Other One

Yesterday I had a wonderful day off during which I took the time to finally visit the joyous library.  Not MY library (updated photos to be posted soon...or whenever I get my books unpacked) but THE library.  It is only 1 single tiny block away from my house and I love that!  I found 2 books that I decided to check out and then got home and spent over an hour on the internet, looking up all the audiobooks available for download. 

I was so excited to see all the awesome books I could listen to on my iPhone, especially since my work computers are all messed up so I got a call yesterday from my boss to say we would be working from our main office an hour and a half away!  So I thought...hmm...what better way to keep me awake on my long drive than an awesome audiobook.  So I searched and searched for the perfect one to keep my interest until I finally had to leave the house (I had to pick up the last of my crap I left at my mom's house). 

By the time I was actually about to get everything on my computer set-up it was 10:30 so I hooked my phone up to my computer and "sync"...*error*error* problems with music...can't set up this're computer hates audiobooks for you!  What the HELL?!  There were so many crazy errors that I didn't even get my computer settled enough to feel comfortable that I could disconnect my phone from it without serious damage until after midnight.  So not only did I not get any sleep last night, I also didn't have a super sweet audiobook to keep me awake on the drive.  Yet I still arrived home from work today in a good mood. 

It must be that I know the library is so close and I am quite sold on this free book thing!  I'm off to read (and not watch TV...I'm practicing).


Anonymous said...

Sorry you got denied...All this technology's supposed to make our lives easier, right? Sometimes I think it creates more pproblems. But I love my gadgets nevertheless.

nat @book, line, and sinker said...

i'm such a fool for audio books and have almost exhausted my library's entire collection. i did a sneaky and naughty thing this week. i took my nephew to his library (90 miles from my house) and used my sister's library card to take out 5 fresh and new-to-me audio books! ahahha! my sis told me i have to pay all and any fines that i incur. she knows me so well.

i'm sure this is a federal crime but i'm a renegade, what can i say?

hope you synching situation is remedied soon. there is nothing worse than technology that is impossible to figure out or work with.