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Nightlight: A Parody - The Harvard Lampoon

Nightlight: A Parody
Nightlight: A Parody
By The Harvard Lampoon

Nightlight…oh Nightlight. How you ruined me. In case you don’t know, Nightlight is a parody of Twilight and this book was absolute random hilarity. The beautiful thing is that since everyone knows at least something about Twilight, I don’t think you have to have even read the books to enjoy it. Although the entertainment was very up and down, sometimes I would go pages without caring much about what I was reading and then I was suddenly cracking up, reading excerpts to anyone who was around me. The real problem was that I became so used to reading for a quick laugh and knowing that everything written was a joke, I had a hard time picking up any other book and taking it seriously. A word of caution: don’t read part of Nightlight and then try to read something else between sittings. I decided to list a few of my favorite quotes. If they make you laugh, this book will be right up your alley.

Here are some of my favorite quotes in all their dumb gloriousness:

Lucy was standing beneath a ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fans’ poster.
‘Join my club!’
‘No, thank you,’ I said icily. But I was not thankful and I think I conveyed that in my tone. I had no intention of supporting a show that encouraged the genocide of an already endangered species of immortals.
-pg 50

We walked together, our pointer fingers romantically linked. The cemetery loomed ahead of us covered in a dark haze of night, lit only by the silver moon of Twilight! I mean, Nightlight!
-pg 101

We settled down and began to enjoy the romance of each other, almost like a warm glow inside of us. This is the way married grownups feel all the time.
-pg 105

Source: Borrowed from a generous friend.

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