Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen)
Infinite Days
By Rebecca Maizel

Lenah is a vampire, or at least she was a vampire, until her best friend turned her back into a human using some crazy old magic. As Lenah tries to adjust to her new life as a human, she has flashes back to her old life as a vampire and these were my favorite parts of the story.

As a vampire, Lenah’s power was intriguing. You could feel how she dominated all those around her, human and vampire alike. She was a queen of the vampire world but she still had the burning desire to be human. I really appreciated that this was a new way to write a vampire story. It wasn’t about the desire to be a vampire or the fear of vampires but instead, a true look at what it would be like to lose your humanity and have only vampire desires and no feelings at all. This is a book that shows the pain and torment of being a vampire.

The story, overall, is very predictable. I was really happy with Lenah’s “outcast” status and it annoyed me when that began to change. That is also when I began to feel disconnected with the story. There were two things that came up throughout the book and really bothered me. First of all, there wasn’t any consistency with many parts of the story. Lenah would be saying something can’t happen and then it would. The second thing that drove me nuts was that Lenah’s abilities were constantly over-explained and then re-explained. She could look at the sun and know what time it was, she knew the time by the placement of the sun in the sky, her vampire abilities allowed her to know the time from the placement to the sun. I get it! Lenah had various abilities from being a vampire and some of them took time to wear off after her transformation back into a human but once that was made clear, the constant explanation of them was unnecessary.

The end was, again, predictable, but I was still curious to get to the end and find out exactly how it would play out. This is the first book in a new series and I hope the next ones give more detail into Lenah’s past because, as I said before, I really enjoyed reading about Lenah as a powerful, evil vampire, knowing that she eventually desires nothing more than to be human again.

**Source: ARC from publisher


Anonymous said...

I really liked the vampire scenes too but was less than thrilled with the high school ones. I wish that the author spent more time on Lenah's past as well.

nat @book, line, and sinker said...

i think i'm all vampired out for the moment. maybe we could have mermaids or something as the next big thing? lol.

this one isn't for me, but i did enjoy reading about the parts that drove you nuts. :) happy friday!

TheBookGirl said...

across the universe and wither have been showing up on alot of wish lists but haven't seen any reviews yet...hope you enjoy all your books!