Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Library...The Other One

Yesterday I had a wonderful day off during which I took the time to finally visit the joyous library.  Not MY library (updated photos to be posted soon...or whenever I get my books unpacked) but THE library.  It is only 1 single tiny block away from my house and I love that!  I found 2 books that I decided to check out and then got home and spent over an hour on the internet, looking up all the audiobooks available for download. 

I was so excited to see all the awesome books I could listen to on my iPhone, especially since my work computers are all messed up so I got a call yesterday from my boss to say we would be working from our main office an hour and a half away!  So I thought...hmm...what better way to keep me awake on my long drive than an awesome audiobook.  So I searched and searched for the perfect one to keep my interest until I finally had to leave the house (I had to pick up the last of my crap I left at my mom's house). 

By the time I was actually about to get everything on my computer set-up it was 10:30 so I hooked my phone up to my computer and "sync"...*error*error* problems with music...can't set up this're computer hates audiobooks for you!  What the HELL?!  There were so many crazy errors that I didn't even get my computer settled enough to feel comfortable that I could disconnect my phone from it without serious damage until after midnight.  So not only did I not get any sleep last night, I also didn't have a super sweet audiobook to keep me awake on the drive.  Yet I still arrived home from work today in a good mood. 

It must be that I know the library is so close and I am quite sold on this free book thing!  I'm off to read (and not watch TV...I'm practicing).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To TV, or Not to TV...Oh What a Question

Well Hellooooo...

So, I know I had all these grand plans to actually be back on my blogging game in the past couple weeks  few weeks month but I have no excuses, I am just a really busy slacker.  It was so nice to just sit in my new condo today and do nothing except laundry and play on the internet.  Oh internet, my long lost lover, how I have missed you. 

The comcast guy finally came last week and we were able to get the internet and TV running before we actually moved in 2 days ago (seriously! moving in was long overdue but there were issues that kept us our stuff deciding not to show up on time).  So I am at work last Sunday, excited because I know we are finally going to get our stuff put together and have the TV on the correct side of the room because we were going to have the cable outlet moved and my husband calls me to tell me the comcast guy wants to drill a hole in our brand new hardwood floor and shove the cable wire through it. 

Ummmm....WHAT?!  Ok cable guy, I'm sure you're nice and all but put the drill down nice and easy and step away from my hardwood!  Thank God my husband had enough sense to call me before I had to cry.  So after all that they still charged us for the outlet move when he said he couldn't do because he didn't have the right tools to put it in the wall like a normal outlet.  Add that to the other charges they didn't tell us about and the annoying set up of the DVR and I am about ready to give up on TV all together. 

Here is where I need the advice folks.  I am seriously considering getting rid of my cable and just keeping the internet and the idea scares the crap out of me because I LOVE MY TV! But then I think about the money I will save and all the reading I will have time for with my adorable library so close.  Is there anyone out there who actually doesn't have TV because I seriously need to know how you live and if I can do it.