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Strings Attached - Judy Blundell

Strings Attached
Strings Attached
By Judy Blundell

In Strings Attached, Kit follows her dream to New York after a fight with her boyfriend who enlists in the Army. When she gets to New York, she is approached by her ex boyfriends father, Nate, and offered help for just a small, almost non-existent favor in return. Kit soon realizes that Nate is not someone you want to be in debt.

I was disappointed that the story never grabbed me in the way I was expecting. I never got to the point where I just had to know what was going to happen next. Even with that being the case, however, I enjoyed the story. I loved the 1950 New York setting! There was a reality in what Kit was going through that I wasn’t expecting. She was dealing with a possible mobster and trying to make something of herself on Broadway which isn’t the experience of the “average girl” but when it came down to it she was just trying do what she loved and support herself in the process. Kit realizes that she has a cloud hanging over her accomplishments because of the help she accepted from Nate and she doesn’t want that.

I think my favorite part was the time that she was working her butt off doing something she loved but still not making any money. She was exhausted, surviving on pots of coffee, living with mice and yet she still appreciated that she was a part of something incredible. She was appreciative of the camaraderie with the other members of the show at an incredible time in her life.

At times the flashbacks to the time before she left for New York felt a bit awkward and the foreshadowing was more confusing than intriguing. I also got annoyed that the story was built on unhealthy relationships and the girls just kept going back but I really liked the ending of the book. It was…fitting.

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