Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Doh! Moment

I was so proud of myself today because I finished a book yesterday and wrote the review TODAY.  Only the day after.  That is something that hasn't been happening lately.  Reviews in general haven't been happening.  I just feel disconnected from the little blog and all the wonderful peeps behind it and I want to get back in it but I have to post to do that and in order to post I have to write something and to write something I have to FEEL like it and I don't because I am so disconnected and it is a vicious cycle.  So today I was all on my game and I wrote my review and didn't happen to to look at the publication date on the ARC and was all...

It isn't out until September.  I was just THAT excited to tell you about it.

My mom and me at the fair...just because it's funny
But then I thought...why must I feel the pressure of posting a review.  I can get back into this world other ways.  I loved posting Saturday Snapshot but that's not happening anymore because I work 8am - 10:30pm on Saturdays but I like Wordless Wednesday too...I just tend to have a problem with the whole wordless part...

But I can do it!  And I will.

So tomorrow I will be back and sometime in September I will have a review.

Also, I came across this little gem thanks to Shelf Awareness for Readers today.   
Harry Potter Fun Facts; Reading Cats
Check out Emma Watson mouthing Rupert and Daniel's lines.  Funny and adorable.  

(Little Fish was the book...in case you were wondering)

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