Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Fish - Ramsey Beyer

Little Fish: A Memoir
By Ramsey Beyer

Told through real-life journals, collages, lists, and drawings, this coming-of-age story illustrates the transformation of an 18-year-old girl from a small-town teenager into an independent city-dwelling college student. Written in an autobiographical style with beautiful artwork, Little Fish shows the challenges of being a young person facing the world on her own for the very first time and the unease—as well as excitement—that comes along with that challenge.

I'm doing this review a little differently.  Above it a synopsis and below are my feelings...in the form of a letter to the author...which (in going along with the theme of this story) includes a list.

Dear Ramsey-

Can we hang out?  I think you are:

-A lot like me
-Similar to many college freshmen
-A risk taker

Thank you for writing a book that was so easy to read and connect to and yet said so much.  I was drawn into the story but still had a running list in my head of things that were like me and parts of me that I hadn’t even thought about yet.  When I looked up from the book it took me a moment to remember where I was and what day it was, like coming out of a deep dream.

I loved learning about your experiences in such a unique way and I appreciated all the ways we were similar.  My first year of college was a year before yours and I felt the connection in the time-frame but your story is so real that I know people who have been out of college for decades, are in college now or are thinking about going to college will all connect to it in their own way.

**Source: Amazon Vine


Jenny @ Reading the End said...

This sounds really cool! I love nontraditional ways of telling stories, and I have read about every epistolary novel I've ever been able to get my hands on.

bermudaonion said...

My college years were ages ago but this still sounds good to me!