Thursday, August 7, 2014

Destination Texas

This post is coming to you from the road. 

Time: 12:15pm

Current location: I-5 heading south. Just passing Harris Ranch (delicious steak, if you've never been). 559 miles left until Phoenix (our stopping point tonight). 

Revelations: a big DAMMIT to my rushed, carefree packing job in which I decided since yesterday was my last day at my job and we got off at 11:30pm and then went out for a goodbye beer putting me in bed around 2am after half packing I was going to not stress about what I might forget because I could always buy it when we get there (how do you like that run-on sentence?). Yeah....

Our final destination and I forgot my shorts...idiot. Does that say "feels like 115"!!! No biggie. I got this. 


Time: 5:45pm

Current location: Coachella, CA. 548 miles to Phoenix but we are hoping we might have energy/time to push through to Tucson tonight. 

Revelations: not a fan of SoCal traffic (duh) but I love this view. 

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