Friday, April 22, 2011

The Peach Keeper - Sarah Addison Allen

The Peach Keeper: A Novel 
The Peach Keeper
By Sarah Addison Allen

Do you have OCDs about certain books? I totally do! For example: Sarah Addison Allen must be read while sitting in the sun, preferably in the spring. So that is what I did a few days ago when we were lucky enough to have a beautiful spring day. I made it through a good amount of the book before I lost the sun and it was just too chilly outside to continue. I was going to finish it the following day when I could enjoy it in the sun but even after it got dark I couldn’t put this book down.

How is it that one author never fails to make you want to live in her story, to envy the characters and want to travel to the places and yet when I close the book I don’t feel depressed that I don’t have that life, I feel more hopeful about my own! I loved this book.

I love how her books are so impacted by food (there is even a chef from one of Allen’s previous books that makes a short appearance). I love the various scents that bring out different memories as well as so many emotions. I love the friendships. This book had an eerie feel to it that I don’t remember in her previous books and I really loved that! It fit perfectly into the story but didn’t stop the book from having a light ending.

I will admit that even with all this love, there were a few parts that weren’t my favorite. I am torn by the perfect way everything wraps up. Part of me thinks come one mix it up a little bit but the other part tells that part to shut up because it wouldn’t be the delightful story it is if it didn’t end that way. So, prepare yourself for an eye role and maybe an “oh my god of course” and then enjoy the rest of the journey.

**Source: ARC from Amazon Vine

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Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I hope to get to this book soon. It will be my first Sarah Addison Allen book. I think I am in for a treat by the sounds of your review!