Friday, July 22, 2011

Night Road - Kristin Hannah

Night Road
Night Road
by Kristin Hannah

Night Road is a story about a family.  A mom, dad, and brother and sister twins as well as the girl who comes into their lives to be an unlikely addition.  I expected most of the book to be about the mother, Jude, but I was surprised that a good amount of the story was dedicated to the friend, Lexi, and her relationship with the twins, Mia and Zach. 

My feelings about the book overall are mixed.  I quickly because invested in the characters and wanted to know what would come of them but part of me just wanted to get to the end and find out instead of enjoying the story.  I wouldn't necessarily call the book predictable but there were a few moments I saw coming from a mile away.  I was also annoyed with a couple of the turn of events.  They were just a bit...cliche...and overdone.  I often felt a disconnect between some of the moments that were supposed to be extremely emotional and the actions that went with them.  Whether it was a random joke in the middle of devastation or a character describing the things being felt while claiming numbness to all feeling.

The dull perspectives of the characters which was supposed to create a certain feel for the book end up just making the story fall flat. 

Was it a unique story?  Not really.
Did I ever get bored?  Yes.
But...Did I want to know how it ended? Yes, I really need to know what happened to everyone.

**Source: ARC from publisher


Anonymous said...

I was very curious to know what happened to the characters too in the aftermath of the tragedy. Hannah knew all the buttons to push when it came to motherhood issues - I was bawling.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Interesting books...I liked Night Road, but then I enjoy most of Hannah's books.

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