Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Alive!

I grew up tending a garden that grew tomatoes, carrots and other delicious items as well as huge, HUGE zucchini that we then turned into delicious zucchini bread. Because of the size of the zucchini that grew due to my diligent watering I thought that I had natural green thumb. Alas, the green thumb belonged to my father who must have been sprinkling fairy dust on his magic beans. Over the years, no matter how hard I tried, my plants shared the same fate as my many goldfish. Oh Nemo how I miss you, and Harry, and Hermione, and Dory, and...well you get the picture. 


My luck has turned.  I found some very handy garden gnomes who have gone to work and I have tomatoes!!!!

One month ago

If you look closely you can see a missing tomato.  I ate it 3 days ago before the others were ripe and it was DELICIOUS!

And because I live in the wine country...
I did not grow the grapes.
These were growing along the fence of the local high school

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