Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm back with freaky food

Hello my long lost friends!  I have been AWOL for a long time now and I don't have any fun reasons, life just got in the way, but I am back!  I have reviews to post and pumpkins to carve and alien squash to cook. Yes I said alien squash and that is what I will be bringing to you today. 

Over the weekend, the husband and I met some friends (and their adorable orange tutu clad daughter) for some corn maze action.  We made it out alive and 30 minutes faster than last year so we had extra time to peruse the pumpkin patch.  Well this pumpkin patch sold a variety of squash and I couldn't pass up the blue hubbard squash when I saw it in all its ugly glory. 

Me and the husband with my awesome squash
At this very moment I am watching the Giants kicking some Game 2 ASS (and yes I waited to finish this post until the game was over because I didn't want to jinx anything) while my squash cooks itself into what I hope turns out to be a delicious soup.  Fingers crossed...

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Jenny said...

I am finding myself in total bewilderment over this issue of there being a football team called the Giants AND a baseball team called the Giants. Since their victories often fail to coincide it's been very confusing. :p

Your squash looks awesome!