Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Music: Mako - Our Story

Okay you guys, I have to share some awesome music with you. Full disclaimer...yes I'm probably biased because it is my cousin I am talking about but that doesn't make it any less awesome. I have been listening to his music for years now. He actually wrote two, yes TWO, songs for my wedding and he is pretty much a musical genius.

I am so excited that he finally has a music video for one of my favorite songs and I am sharing it with you. He and his talented DJ friend Logan are Mako and they have a chance at being on MTV so if you like the video then be awesome and go vote on MTV's The Freshman for Mako 'Our Story' (hint: it's the second option down).

At the very least, watch the video because seriously, they are amazing. I'm super proud of him. My cousin, Alex, is the one playing the piano and singing. He graduated from Juilliard and lives in SoCal and I get to see him every November (when he isn't too busy) at our family reunion at his parent's house. Yes, I am a lucky girl. Surrounded by so much talent doesn't at all give me a complex...

It's a good thing I love that guy.

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