Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go Ask Alice - Anonymous

Go Ask Alice
Go Ask Alice
By Anonymous

Go Ask Alice is a book I had been curious about from the moment I first heard about it. I don’t know how old I was but I remember that it seemed like something my mom wouldn’t want me to read, so of course I was immediately interested. At the time I thought it was a true story but I think some of my friends telling me it may not be had an effect on the fact that I never read it until now.

It is heartbreaking and intense and feels so real. I would recommend it to everyone who can get through the subject matter. There were moments that were very difficult to read but in the end I think the story was worth it. There were moments in the story where the writing was so vivid it was frightening.

I don’t really know how to talk about it without giving parts but the basic details are obvious. Girl goes to a party, has her first experience with drugs, and the rest is the roller-coaster ride of her successes and failures trying to get her life back on track. I will say when she would have good times after doing something stupid, I would almost hope it didn’t work out for her because I didn’t want it to look too easy. I was worried that the things she went through would be taken too lightly. There were, however, enough ups and downs throughout the story to satisfy me. I was so satisfied with the end of the book and then I read the epilogue and it took my breath away.

I am so glad I finally read it.

*I read this book as part of the Shelf Discovery Challenge.
**Source:  Purchased with my own sweet loot.


vvb32 reads said...

whoa, now i regret giving my copy away. i got this as a teen because of the descrption. however i never cracked it open to see the gem of a story inside. when gathering books for the library i sent this book along before reading it. boo hoo. i'll have to check it out from the library now.

Anonymous said...

This is a book I've always been curious about as a teen, too, but never read.

Lisa said...

I'm old--I read this long before it came out that it was not a true story. But that has never effected my feelings about this book. It reads "real" and therefore achieves the effect it's going for. It scared the heck out of me!

nat @book, line, and sinker said...

wow...i haven't read this book in sooo long--i've forgotten most of it. i have it on my bookshelf, maybe i'll go whip through it later tonight.

Amy said...

I read this so long ago but still remember being blow away by it.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I didn't read this book until last year and for some reason went through my entire adolescence having never heard of it. I totally thought it was real and then felt duped when I discovered that it wasn't.