Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring is here, spring is here, happy happy spring is here

(what you don't know is the title of this post should actually be sung not read and there is even a little dance I do with it)

It is crazy that on January 31 I was posting pictures of my snow day and we just had March 31 and it has been in the 80s. Only 2 months later and things have completely changed. I mean, I am actually sunburned!! I love it! Not the burn, just the sun getting/absorption.

It also blows me away how things can literally change over night. Two weeks ago my husband came home saying that he heard on the radio that "everything bloomed today." He was like "uhh things just don't all bloom overnight." Well apparently they do because let me tell you those dogwood trees had exploded into beautiful white flowery goodness and they were boring buds the day before. (Photo courtesy of my husband who snapped it while we were driving around and I started yelling at him "It's so beautiful, take a picture, take a picture, you know I would but I can't because I'm driving, bust out your phone and take a picture, quick")

Here we are 2 weeks later and again overnight things have changed. I had been watching the dogwood blossoms slowly fade with the sadness that I wouldn't be here next year to see them and when I woke up yesterday and looked outside, my car, along with every other car in the area, was covered by the yellow-green pollen that is so bright it almost looks toxic. It's a good thing I was planning on washing my car this weekend and not yesterday.

I will admit that I was an overachiever yesterday and washed my car the moment I got off work, fully aware that the pollen probably hadn't settled and would be covering my car again. I was laughing when I noticed that a light dusting had settled before I even had the chance to finish drying it. Oh well, it wasn't so much removing the pollen that was the final goal, I just knew it needed a good wash and I was all wound up so I was excited to have something to do outside.

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