Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keeper - Kathi Appelt

By Kathi Appelt

How do I express how much I adored this book and what was it that I loved so much? Was it the fittingly named four-legged friend BD (Best Dog)? Possible, but that was made even better by the other dog Too (Best Dog Too). Maybe it was the Seagull, Captain, who considered BD his best friend.

All of those things were wonderful but I think what really set this book apart were the mermaids. I mean who doesn’t love mermaids? Keeper sure does, especially since she has mermaid blood running through her veins. You see Keeper’s mother is a mermaid and on this special night, after a day that was supposed to be extremely special and turned out to disastrous, Keeper is going to find her mermaid mother because she really needs advice.

This sweet, delightful book captured me right away. Parts of it reminded me of a magical Island of the Blue Dolphins. The characters were so charming (especially the non-human ones), I wanted to be right there with them…even if some stupid crabs did ruin what was supposed to be a very special day.

I am going to pick up another copy of Keeper to send to my niece and I can’t wait to hear her thoughts on it.

**Source: ARC for review from publisher.

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