Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She’s So Dead to Us - Kieran Scott

She's So Dead to Us
She’s So Dead to Us
By Kieran Scott

Okay, here is the thing about this book, it is a total teen drama. I know, I know, shocking right?  The title pretty much says it all. So if you like books like that read it. If books like that annoy may actually still want to read it...

Ally is returning to the high school and all her ex-friends she left behind after her dad lost all his money as well as millions that belonged to Ally's friend's parents. As expected, her first day is not something she is looking forward to. This book is like Mean Girls (on a side note...if you haven't ever seen Mean Girls do yourself a favor and watch it, it is hilarious) except that Ally is going from popular to outcast instead of the reverse. Ally does everything she can to work her way back to the top after she finds herself at the bottom looking up...literally. The middle-class houses are actually at the base of the hill where all the rich families live.

This book was a total guilty pleasure. I enjoyed it for the hilarious truth it brought to the situations...especially the side comments made by the students on the outside looking in (each month that passes begins with a page of random babbling gossip that had me cracking up). I was reading it thinking "I'm too old for this, too mature, right? But I...can't...stop...reading." It was too fun. I wanted to go back to that high school and slap a few of the people, laugh at a few more, and then join in with the rest...I'm so ashamed. It is enjoyable as a book that you don't take too seriously because it makes fun of all the right people (again I'm going to refer you to Mean Girls).

My biggest issue with the book was the amount of swearing. It is listed as 12 & up and I know the majority of the audience is older (like me) and I know kids in high school swear but I felt the amount of it and the way it was dropped in was overkill. I have the mouth of a sailor (especially when I play Mario's a good thing I don't have kids yet) but even I was taken aback. I would be cautious about who I would give/recommend this book to, or at least read it first and decide for yourself.

**Source: ARC for review from publisher

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