Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Refresh

Killing time with one of my boys.
~currently involved with~ pretty much the same thing as last time. Reading and killing a bunch of weeds. The weed killing thing is going fairly well...however, with the drought I also have a knack for grass killing as well. :(

~taking with me~ a lot of new clothing items because that is what happens when you wake up early on a Sunday to go to brunch for your friends 30th birthday and have a mimosa with lunch and then think it's a good idea to stop at Target for "just a couple necessities." My pocketbook took quite a hit due to my lack of inhibition. Apparently my virtue isn't the only things that gets loose with champagne...

~moving on from~opening my closet and saying "I have nothing to wear." Thank you mimosa!**

~quote of the week~ I had a lot of fun with one of my work boys yesterday making a random mini story (see above photo). I was the green pen and we traded back an forth. He was having a rough day so it made me laugh even harder when I read his last line. For ease of reading:

There once was a monkey named Fred
and her liked hot cheetos
but he only ate them on Monday mornings
but there's an exception on Tuesdays when he's in a good mood
and when he was in a good mood on Tuesdays he liked to eat them with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles
...yea that was a one time thing for Fred.
**please note that while I did in fact have one mimosa, a desire for new clothes for the coming heat was more to blame for my poor inhibition than booze. However, when I tell my husband about the credit card bill, the mimosa with take the fall. Please drink and shop safely.


Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Hahahaha, I have learned this lesson -- I never ever go shopping when I've had any alcohol. Even a small amount renders me totally weak. Bookstores particularly + alcohol = serious peril for me.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I can never go into Target without spending like $11 and buying some article of clothing that I don't actually need -- totally sober! I have no idea what I would do if I were tipsy or drunk in Target. Bad things, I assume.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Whoops, that should be $100 not $11. If only it were just $11! Dang typos.