Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Refresh

Went out for a walk and found a bench to hang out on
~currently involved with~I'm currently reading Time and Again by Jack Finney and finding it enjoyable but I wish I had more time to really sit down and get into the story. I'm hoping to make that happen over the next couple days.

~moving on from~ Weeds...I am so over weeds. They have taken over my backyard and my husband really wants to spray them but they are all around raised beds where I'm growing delicious veggies so I am holding him back from that. We have a bocce ball court in our backyard (there when we moved in, it makes me feel old but I've actually had a ton of fun with it) and the rock chip crap that makes up the court is around the beds too, making this really weird weed growing situation that looks awful and is really high maintenance. Hoping to find a solution soon.

~taking with me~ I went for a hike on Wednesday with my work boys. Since a hike through the forest in 90 degree weather didn't sound too appealing, we decided to take them out to the ocean. We had a nice 20 minute hike down to the beach and then played some football. Now, those of you not from CA may imagine beautiful, always hot and always packed So Cal beaches. You know, the ones from The O.C. and Baywatch (I'm a bit ashamed those are the only two shows I can come up with right now) but up here in Northern California the ocean tends to be foggy and the water is freezing and can be a bit dangerous. Well we got so lucky and it was about 85 while we were there. We had a blast (even if it was almost too hot for some of my boys) and we even saw a whale as we were hiking down! It was my first whale spotting and man was it cool.

~quote of the week~  
Sandwich gone, back to bed.....THE END
The last line of the longest text my husband ever sent me after he found a sandwich in the fridge and couldn't remember if I had made it for him or my lunch the next day. I told him it was for him while he was half asleep and he apparently wasn't certain he wasn't dreaming.  The entire text was hilarious and included things like "the symphony of sounds echoing from my empty stomach" and "There is no note claiming ownership...I'm pretty sure it's safe and I'm not making this up."

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Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Aw, I loved Time and Again when I read it in high school. There's a large part of me that's scared to reread it in case it doesn't hold up -- make sure to tell us what you think of it once you've finished!