Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekly Refresh

~currently involved with~ hanging out with my family. I'm in San Diego for a family reunion and I haven't done any reading since we arrived (despite packing half a bookshelf) but I took advantage of my time on the plane. 

~taking with me~ photos. Memories. Probably a few extra pounds by the time the weekend is over. 

~moving on from~ fiction. I'm loving Nonfiction November. My list is exploding and so is my bookshelf. It's amazing. 

~quote of the week~

Students arguing who is better, Batman or Superman.
First Student: "If you take away Batman's power, he's just a billionaire." (emphasis mine)
Second Student: "If you take away Superman's power, he just an alien."
First Student: "Batman is just whining about his parents being dead. Superman gets over it."
Whiny billionaire or alien who moves on? Which would you choose?

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