Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harry Potter Party - Food

Oh delicious food...I decided to keep the food simple and not stress too much about the Harry Potter theme.  I just chose a few things to highlight and the rest were your normal party munchies.

My friend Tonks was amazing enough to make chocolate eggs for the occasion and they were so happy...all that was missing was the Dumbledore card.

This picture was taken the next morning, which is why there are bananas on the table...I couldn't let my guests go without breakfast.
Of course I had a bowl of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.  I was actually surprised that people actually ate them.  I kept hearing random comments after someone was daring enough to try..."yeah, that color is safe, its apple" and "blech, that was dirt! How do they actually get it to taste like dirt?"

Sample if you dare.  And yes, those are HP trading cards.  I had no idea where they came from, I just found them in a closet right before the party and decided to throw them out there.

I picked up some white chocolate (even though I hate white chocolate but it was to only one with a gold wrapper) Lindt chocolates and added wings to make them snitches...

Catch them before they fly away...
And finally, I re-watched the first movie before the party and it gave me the idea for the cake!  Don't judge how messy the writing is.  It is hard to write with the tiny frosting tubes and I didn't write the words until just before serving it (so a long time after I had started drinking...). 
Homemade ice cream cake!
And now I really want some more of that cake...


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Looks like a fun event, and very creative Jess.

nat @book, line, and sinker said...

the SNITCHES!!!! seriously, you are too clever! i love them (but am with you in hating white chocolate!) as for the cake, how could you leave me hanging like that? how do you make homemade ice cream cake????

Jess - A Book Hoarder said...

Sorry Nat. I knew I was going to need to post about the cake but it is so simple. I was at a party for my dad's best friend and his wife is amazing and made one so I totally stole her idea (except she used floss to cut the cake in half and that didn't work for me so I just used a knife).

1. Bake a round cake - I chose funfetti because it's delicious and my favorite. What it has to do with HP, I have no idea...oh I do, they are boy awesome.

2. Let it cool and cut it halfway up the cake so you have a top and bottom - this is where the floss comes in.

3. Fill it with soft ice cream. I buy it righ then and then let it sit on the counter while I cut the came and it is usually perfect - I used vanilla bean.

4. Spread the ice cream smooth and put the top of the cake back on.

5. Frost it - butter cream frosting works the best for this - and freeze it. DELICIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

I am quite enamored with the snitches - clever! And I will have to try making some ice cream cake for myself. I just ate lunch - and I'm hungry again after looking at your post.

Cait said...

Snitches look awesome! And your chocolate frogs too, such a cool idea