Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harry Potter Party - Games

Couples hard at work, they took it VERY seriously.
My biggest concern while I was planning my Harry Potter party was that everyone would arrive in their awesome costumes and we would end up sitting around staring at each other until midnight so I came up with some trivia as an ice breaker.  I knew I wouldn't be good at thinking up the trivia questions so I turned to my good friend google, and google came through.  There are a ton of sites out there with questions and after quizzing myself (I did amazingly well, thanks for asking) I picked my favorite questions and put them on a single sheet of card stock which I rolled up, tied with black ribbon, and placed in every HP favor wine glass. 

Awesome Luna glasses.
Everyone was excited to start the trivia...until they started reading the questions.  They immediately started complaining that the questions were too difficult.  Well...I was so excited in my making of the trivia that I didn't think about the fact that the questions I answered had a multiple choice option that I failed to include...oops!  They don't know that, so don't tell.  So we decided that they would team up as couples and complete it that way. 

Trivia winners!
Luckily, I had prizes for both a girl and a boy (the girls prize was WAY better).  Team Ron/Ginny and Luna/Tom Riddle tied (or were undecided on the winner due to a technicality so they agreed that Ron and Luna would collect the prizes (which was perfect because I picked up the girls prize with Luna in mind).  Ron received a homemade Head Boy badge and Luna won a pair of awesomely perfect Luna glasses that I found at Party City!

 The other thing I had planned was a Harry Potter themed version of celebrity (my new favorite party game!).  I have heard of many different ways to play it so allow me to tell you they way that I play (aka the correct way).

  1. Every player is given 3 slips of paper on which they will write the name of a famous person/character (for this game they were restricted to HP people
  2. The slips are placed in a hat/bowl/jar and people divided into 2 teams (we did girls vs boys)
  3. Each player has one minute to give clues to help their team guess as many names as possible, each name is 1 point
  4. There are 3 rounds, each going through all the names once 
Round 1: say anything you want except for what is written on the slip
Round 2: charades, act it out, no sounds
Round 3: you can say 1 and only 1 word so choose wisely, by this time you have already gone through all the names so it isn't impossible but the stickler is if you pick a word that sucks and they can't figure it out you have to stand there until your minute is done.  Some people play that you can skip it and count that point against you but I think my way is more fun 

      Ginny getting down and dirty with round 2 I think she was doing a crab for Crabbe and Goyle...Goyle was the word one can remember what he was acting out!
      As you can see from the pictures above, I had the Harry Potter movies playing in the background which was actually really fun during the trivia because couple answers came up. 


      Cait said...

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope no-one would pass up a chance to have spike for a day haha. Your party games seem cool, and I love the Luna glasses!!

      nat @book, line, and sinker said...

      i really wish i could have been at your HP party. this series has been so much fun for me and i'm still hung up on the candle lights from the ceiling. i am going to use those for my halloween party this fall. the game sounds great--i might tweak it and use it at my party. we typically do a win, lose, or draw type game on a giant easel, name that tune, and a few others that are fun. i'm always looking for fresh ideas, so thanks! :)

      Chloe Potter Freak said...

      I'm currently planning my own Potter Party that is this weekend. It's Slytherin v. Gryffindor :D Anyway I love your twist on Celebrity and will be using it. Thanks!