Monday, April 21, 2014

The post in which I eat my words

You may remember a post I wrote back in December about my feelings towards Marvel but more importantly about Captain America. I may have even called him a *ahem* bore. Well, I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier today (I took one of my boys from work in case you are wondering why I would watch a sequel to a movie I couldn't even finish) and I was all like.....

Gif 3

HOT! and HOT!

HA! That's funny.

Badass chick!

Remind me again why I thought the Captain was boring. Umm...I think what I meant was he is HOT!

I had actual thoughts while I was watching the movie that I wanted to put down here but now I can't remember what any of them were. I know that I am going to be watching the first movie in its entirety and I know that I probably would have been crying during certain parts if I had been more invested in the characters but it might be good that I wasn't, at least for the sake of the teen boy sitting next to me who would have been super embarrassed if I started crying in the theater. Although I do tell the boys that it is my goal in life to embarrass them.

If you are looking for an actual post about the movie and not just ramblings from a recent convert who has a new love for The Captain. I would recommend checking out this post from The Literary Omnivore.

I'll leave you with a cute quote.
I had planned the movie when I thought more of my boys would have been going and when it turned out to be only one I was bummed he was the one who isn't really into superhero movies. I asked him why and his response was "I like villains." Well okay then. Then, as the credits rolled, he turned to me wide-eyed and said "There's gonna be another one, huh."


Stew said...

Not going to say I told you so..

Jess - A Book Hoarder said...

Don't worry. I was watching and thinking damn...Stew was right.

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Hahahaha, it was good times when Cap took apart the entire elevator full of dudes. I could stand to watch that scene again. Or the whole movie again.