Sunday, October 25, 2009

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

I waited and waited, wondering what would happen in District 12 after The Hunger Games. Finally, the day had come and I got to bring home my bright, beautiful book. Would it be worth the wait?

Absoutly! It was amazing...incredible!! Suzanne Collins definitely didn't let me down with Catching Fire. This book was everything I was hoping for and more. I bought it the day after it was released—knowing that I could devote 2 full days to reading/savoring it. I set it down only to eat, sleep, watch a movie with my husband, and get a haircut. I thought those momentary breaks would drive me crazy with anticipation—and they did—but I was surprisingly appreciative of them because they allowed me to stop and think about what I had read for a moment before I found out how the book ended. The thing that is driving me crazy is the cliffhanger, even though I knew it was coming.

This book completely captivated me. I am surprised that when I think about the book, I am not thinking about the ending and how I think the third book with turn out, I’m thinking about the middle pieces of the story that captivated me. (Okay, maybe I’m thinking about the end a little) But I was sitting, getting my haircut and all the women around me were talking about the most recent gossip in the magazines (gossip I hate to admit I would usually jump right into) but at that moment it didn’t seem real to me. In that moment, the memories of the book felt more real than the Hollywood drama. It was then that I realized how much the book had brought me into its story and I was okay with stopping for a few hours to get my haircut because I was still living the story in my mind and working out all the details. Isn't that how it is supposed to be?

I can’t wait to see how it ends.

P.S. This is a scheduled post, as I am still in D.C. I hope it worked :)

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oliveverlyblog said...

ok - so I know I am WAY behind on these books - but I'm almost done with catching fire! The good thing about being behind, I have NO waiting period between books. However, I skipped reading your review, just in case there was a spoiler! I'll come back to it!