Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That First *Click*

A few months ago, I was perusing the internet and I stumbled across a blog. Now, this wasn't just any blog, this was a book blog. A book blog?! I didn't even know that something like this existed! How could it be that something so wonderful, so magical, so...me, was out there just waiting to answer my every book obsessed wish? Then I saw it...blogroll...hmmm that looks interesting...*click*...oh my! That first click opened up a whole new world for me. All these blogs, with all these book reviews and something I had never heard of before...challenges!

I was like a little kid who found the Halloween candy stash. I consumed and consumed, afraid that if I turned away for a moment my stash would disappear. That is how my husband found me...completely immersed in my candy stash blogs, face covered with chocolate, fingers frantically clicking through posts and blogs, a sugar rush that would last for days.

The first few days are a bit of a blur, I spent every waking hour clicking through blogs, adding bookmarks, and taking notes on books I wanted to buy. By the end of the week, my eyes crossed every time I looked at the computer. I took a few days off to recuperate, and reminded myself that there was in fact still a world outside of these blogs I had come to know and love.

When I finally allowed myself to turn on the computer again, I was confidant I understood the importance of moderation. I had created a healthy relationship...okay fine, healthy obsession, with these blogs. I would read them quietly, watching for books I would enjoy or new blogs to follow (yes, I had finally discovered Google Reader...ahhh the joy) and the relationship/obsession worked well for me, but slowly I began to want more. I was no longer satisfied to sit back and watch...I wanted to participate. I wanted a blog of my own!!

Did I dare? Oh...I dared! So here it is...my very first blog, where I will share my book obsessed experiences and finally join a few challenges. So...Welcome!

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Allison said...

Welcome to the book blog world!!! I am a confessed book hoarder to!! You should see my TBR (to be read) pile!! Enjoy reading all the blogs..all are unique!!! Watch out though..you will find new books to read ALL the time now!!