Thursday, October 22, 2009

Much Love for D.C.

Tomorrow my husband and I are off to D.C. He is running the Marine Corps Marathon and I am really excited for him. Every time we go to D.C. he looks around longingly at the people running, wishing that he could be one of them. Last time we were there he did bring his running shoes and I allowed him to take some time out of our morning to go for a run. Well, he is finally participating in his first marathon, so it is only fitting that it should be in D.C.

Unfortunately, the marathon falls on the same day and Dewey's Read-a-Thon, which I really would have liked to participate in. I would have loved to be a cheerleader and put my crazy book obsessing energy to good use.

The good news is I LOVE D.C. It is one of my favorite places, and since moving to NC I have been lucky enough to visit every year.

My first trip to D.C. was in 2006 and was actually the most special for many reasons. I was finally able to see all the monuments, the White House, and stay in a beautiful hotel, but it was also when I got engaged. My husband proposed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, in the pouring rain (I am obsessed with rain).

We were running back to our hotel and stopped to take this picture when the rain let up for a moment.

Our next trip was right after we got married (2007) and I moved to NC (from CA...oh how I miss you California). We went with my mom and step-dad (who helped drive me cross-country).

My husband, mom and step-dad at the WWII Memorial.

Then, I went back in '07, this time with my best-friend and her December. The good thing about going in December is there is nobody there, but this is because it is insanely cold. I have never been as cold as I was walking around then. Still, it is beautiful when it is deserted.

Arlington National Cemetery decorated with wreaths and the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall(which is usually packed with people).

Finally, my last trip was in November last year, the day after the election (it was awesome...I have the Nov. 5th NY Times and the Washington Post from D.C. - I know, I'm a dork)

My husband with his crazy (and amazing) mom, in front of the Capitol Building - it is beautiful in the Fall.

So now I am getting ready for my next trip to D.C. There is a good chance it will be the last one for a while (*sniff*), since I am moving back to CA next year, but we are planning to make it a memorable trip. I'll have pictures when I get back.

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