Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another post on my love for New Girl

Yes, I did already post about my love for the show New Girl but it's awesome...and this one is book related.

So...I'm watching New Girl with the husband and while Jess is out shopping for lingerie (see trailer below) she puts something on her head and impersonates Elizabeth Bennett talking to Mr. Darcy.  At which point, the following conversation takes place:

My husband: "Mr. Darcy! I know what movie that is from...Little Women"
Me: "Umm...no!"
"It's not?"
"No...but the fact that you guessed is so cute."
"Okay! What movie is it from?"
"First of all, it's not from a movie, it is from a book that they made into a movie so let's just get that straight."
"Okay, so what movie is it from?"
"I'll give you a big clue...I walked down the isle to one of that songs from the movie."
"That's not a big clue...that's a girl clue! How am I supposed to know that?"

So, he doesn't remember some of the more important things... but he does love New Girl as much as I do and that earns him some points back.

Also...I heart Justin Long!


oliveverlyblog said...

I know, I know - so yeah, I guess that was a girl clue!

So in love with new girl!

Jess - A Book Hoarder said...

Just a follow up...
My husband would like it known that I gave him another guess and after a moment he was able to come up with Pride and Prejudice.

Anonymous said...

At least he eventually got it right!