Sunday, December 18, 2011

Giving...and Receiving Time of Year

Front of both necklaces

It is the wonderfully stressful time of year when we have to buy things for other people. My siblings and I finally got smart and decided that this year we would draw names. My husband drew my step-sister and of course had no idea when to get her so I turned to Etsy because she LOVES jewelry and I love Etsy. I started going through all kinds of awesome items I wanted until I finally remembered I was trying to help him find a gift. Once I had a few tabs open with ideas he gave me the thumbs up or thumbs down (most of them were thumbs down...he has no taste). One of the items was from a local girl who I met at some point and complimented her necklace at which point she handed me her business card.

I was so excited that Mike actually agreed with me on how perfect the necklace would be for my sis and he picked out the one he liked best (I swear the whole process was like helping a five year old pick out a gift).  The day after I placed the order, I had a note on Etsy because there was a mix-up and the necklace she had didn't exactly the one in the was on a different cap and there wasn't any glitter.  She offered to make me a new one that matched and have it to me only a couple days later, send me the one she had, or give a refund.  I actually liked the Blue Moon cap better so I just took the one she'd already made and it all worked out.
Back of necklaces


I received the package and it included a SECOND necklace with a note thanking me for my understanding about the mix-up.  It was completely unexpected and unnecessary but I was so excited.  I can't wait until I have another excuse to buy some more bottle cap items.

Check out bottlecapbetty's Etsy!

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Glad these met with his approval...LOL My daughter use to make bottle cap magnets with all sorts of interesting art inside.