Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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 I received one of the most awesome gifts ever today.  I met up with my best friend and she had an amazing birthday present for me.  She, of course, knows me so well and with a little help from her friend Jaymee she created a uniquely personalized framed print. I can't tell you how obsessed with this print I am!

My friend Lyndsay is a teacher and a blogger at Educated...not so Domesticated and Jaymee has a shop on Etsy called Retro Menagerie.  They are both annoyingly creative but I am a big enough person to not be extremely jealous of them....and yeah, it helps that my walls benefit from their awesomeness. I love presents!!

Notice my blog at the bottom!


Unknown said...

That is a very awesome print!

oliveverlyblog said...

I'm so glad you love it - I was SO excited with how it turned out :)