Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't tell me 28 isn't still mid-twenties!

Today is my birthday and I didn't plan on posting about it but I had to share this amazingly sweet gift that I received.  The reason it is so sweet is that the girl who gave it to me did so the second time we met, I barely know her and she still made me a birthday present!

My husband's coworker brought his girlfriend to their work holiday party and I had heard a lot about her but never met her before.  We studied the same thing in college and are pursuing the exact same career so we instantly had a lot to talk about.  We were talking about age and it came out that my birthday was coming up, at which point she assured me that 28 was still mid-twenties and I am choosing to believe her.  Yesterday, I saw her again at another job event and she had an orchid as an early birthday gift!  She even decorated it with a glittered letter "J" and a cake.

Now, I just have to manage to keep it alive....


Anonymous said...

28 is the new 17!!! Happy Birthday, Jess! And your orchid is beautiful.

Jenny said...

Happy happy birthday! What a beautiful plant! I would kill it instantly, I have a plant-killing power that other people don't have, so I'm glad it's yours and not mine. :p