Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Refresh

Muffin: on the table, among books, in the sun. She totally takes after me

~currently involved with~  I have been loving the fact that I can get audiobooks from the library to listen to on the way to work lately and I just started One Day by David Nicholls. I also checked out Reconciliation by Benazir Bhutto, which I started reading right after it was released but stopped (I can't remember if it was a casualty of my move or I just got sidetracked) and never picked back up.

~moving on from~  Hopefully the scariest drought possibility ever. It has been raining all week and I LOVE it, not to mention we need it badly. We need a lot more to get us anywhere close to comfortable but hopefully we haven't seen the end of our wet season. 

~taking with me~ Some sweet ass rain boots and I am excited to have weather that actually permits me to wear them.

~quote of the week~  I was at a birthday party for my niece and someone commented on my brother's lack of hair (he is 27 and has been balding since 23ish). His response was "I'm not losing them, they're just getting lazy and falling down to my back." Love this guy!!

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Jenny @ Reading the End said...

ONE OF THESE DAYS, I swear, I am going to get some amazing rain boots, and I think it's going to change my life. Yours look delightful.