Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekly Refresh

~currently involved with~ storm clouds in the best kind of way. They are moving on from us right now so we have a cool looking sky but another awesome storm will be here tomorrow. Also, the in-laws are in town and arrived with a lovely bouquet for me. 

Walking around the neighborhood

 ~moving on from~ Hopefully a cold. I have been sick for a week and I think this is going down as the worst cold I have ever had. I will be happy if I can leave it behind me this coming week.

My brother, just something to make me smile.
 ~taking with me~ things that make me smile. Hanging out with my family and taking a random picture of my brother after telling him I don't want to hear him slurp his wine. He works at a winery and I enjoy giving him a hard time about his snooty tasting practices because he is so not a wine snob.

~quote of the week~ Another one from my boys. We were watching March of the Penguins and being teenage boys they couldn't get over the reproduction part. One boys explained it to another who had missed the scene...
"They did a sexual transaction. They did it out in the open. They didn't even use a cover."

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Jenny @ Reading the End said...

I hope your cold is completely gone and never comes back! Colds are wretched and they make it hard to sleep and I hate them.