Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Refresh

This pic is strikingly similar to last week....hmm
~currently involved with~ The sunshine. I am just about to head to my mom's for a BBQ.

~moving on from~ Will I sound too repetitive if I say the negativity of my job again. It has been a crazy week. I was so out of it a few days ago that I poured myself a glass of water and it wasn't until it was at my mouth that I realized I had poured it into a measuring cup.  Sigh. It actually started off pretty awful but yesterday ended on a good note...sort of. While I did have a boy call me a bitch at the end of the night I also had one give me a hug just because he said he knew I had a rough week. From a 16 year old boy that is really sweet. 

Apparently I am also leaving behind my Coldest Girl in Coldtown audiobook for awhile because I ran out of lending time (stupid app deleting my book...just charge me for being late, I'd much rather pay and finish the book) and there are 4 others on the wait list now. Bummer. I am anxiously awaiting my email saying it is my turn again. I have always had trouble sharing *cough* blog title *cough*

~taking with me~ The happiness from finishing a great book....Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen. I waqs late getting this post up because I was caught up in the story.

~quote of the week~ I'm pulling one from a book this week. 
"Magic is what we invent when we want something we think we can't have. It makes her happy to think she's a femme fatale. We go along with it."
pg 66, Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

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Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Boo! It's so annoying when you don't finish an e-book/e-audiobook in time and the library takes it away from you. Hope you can get it back quickly to try again!