Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's Readathon Day!

My first chance to participate in Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon is finally here! Yay!

I didn't wake up for the official start time (makes me miss my old east coast time) but I am showered, breakfasted and I'm in my first book.

I'll be keeping track here throughout the day and breaking in my new twitter account (@hoardingbooks). 

Update - 13.5 hours gone

Completed: 2 hours 40 min listened. 420 pages read.

In the middle ofM is for Magic by Neil Gaiman (audiobook) and The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski and Mozart and the Whale by Jerry and Mary Newport. They are giving me a good mix.

Finished: Raven Girl and I think I will be able to finish The Winner's Curse before I fall asleep.

Right now: I'm tired but I want to keep going. Now I am wishing that I woke up with everyone else for the official start time and had logged more hours...and that would have also included not spending my first waking hour catching up on twitter instead of reading. As my nephew would say, I made "poor choices."

And: Since this is the only day that I get to see my husband and it is almost over, I am going to go to bed with him and then finish my reading with my sweet Ikea bed light.

Update - 8 hours gone

Completed: 1 hour 50 min listened. 210 pages read.

In the middle ofM is for Magic by Neil Gaiman (audiobook) and The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski but I think I may be switching back to Mozart and the Whale by Jerry and Mary Newport soon just for a change of pace.

Right now: I have a headache for some reason. We are trying to come up with dinner plans which is pulling me from reading and just really irritating but hopefully the food with help with the headache.

And: I am loving M is for Magic but I think short stories were a poor choice to listen to while catching up on posts and other stuff. You space out for a minute and miss a lot because there is so much packed into so little space. I already want to buy the book and reread it. I was hesitant in the first place because I love reading Gaiman I think I am an official convert to having him read to me. He is an all-around amazing storyteller.

Update - 3 hours gone

Completed: 1 hour 33 min listened. 44 pages read (WHAT? that's pathetic!) Part of that is because my family doesn't understand what I am dealing with today. I have already planned a set-up of two awesome yet single people and given job advice.

In the middle of: M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman (audiobook) and Mozart and the Whale by Jerry and Mary Newport.

Right now: I just want to get really in this.

And: I think I am going to head to the coffee shop in a bit for a pick me up and to cut down on distractions. I am also debating picking up a new book right now (cuz that's my attention span at the moment) and none of the ones I'm looking at were even in my initial pile.

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Suey said...

Wasn't it a blast? I love the readathon!