Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Harry Potter Party - The End

Ron gets caught eating a chocolate frog
I can't believe March is already here and that means I have come to the end of my Harry Potter Party posts.  I have a pretty good feeling that this is going to become an annual event but I think I am going to mix it up every year with more specific themes.  Death Eaters anyone?

I love this pic because you can see Luna's radish earrings.
To alleviate some of my HP withdrawals I started rereading Harry Potter but I am reading the British edition that my husband bought me....2 years ago.  I opened them the moment they arrived and then carefully wrapped them back in the packaging they came in and stored them at my mom's because I didn't want them to get damaged in all my moves.  Then I wanted to wait long enough that I wouldn't be reading book 7 right before the movies came out because it always ruins the movie.  Now that I have finally unpacked them, I am allowing myself to read one every month (I was supposed to wait until March but I couldn't so I allowed myself to read a few pages before bed every night...which was even more torturous).  I am blown away by how little I remember of book 1.  The entire first chapter was new again.  LOVE IT!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read all the HPs but am planning to. Shall have to start again at Book 1 though as it's been such a long time!

Jenny said...

Oh, that first chapter. It won my skeptical teenage self right over. <3

oliveverlyblog said...

Yeah - RADISH earrings!!! Loved all the Harry Potter Party Posts - I need a sequel party for sure. Death Eater theme, yes please!!!!