Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daughters of Eve - Lois Duncan

Daughters of Eve
By Lois Duncan

At Modesta High School there is a chapter of the Daughters of Eve who are sending out invitations for their new members. They have a new teacher, Irene Stark, who is going to mix things up a bit—you know—really get things done. With Irene leading them, this social club quickly turns into a group of girls who will test their social and moral boundaries at every chance they get.

I actually had a hard time with parts of the book. The extreme levels that were taken had me with the feeling that these ideas gave feminism a bad stereotype. I started the book thinking it would be milder but Duncan definitely has you questioning the actions of some of the characters.

I couldn’t wait to get to the end (and boy did it end with a bang!!) to see if I would feel better about their actions. I am pleased to say, when I closed the book and though about their actions as a whole, I was kind of in love with it. I think Duncan was right in writing it with the extremes she did because she smacks you with something that you MUST think about. Irene may be a bit insane at times, but haven’t we all been there? I remember literally seeing red after a comment about women from a guy in college. I was literally blind with rage and wanted to punch him—I didn’t punch him, but I guess I’m a softy that way. The point is that the book was a bit extreme, but I get it.

The best part was that Irene reminded me of a college professor I had for Women’s Studies. She had that passion and enraged fire that made you want to go out and change the world. I love that when I closed the book I felt like I had just gotten out of one of her lectures.

This is an excellent book that may have you questioning both sides but the important thing is that it will make you think.

*I read this book as part of the Shelf Discovery Challenge.

**Source: I bought this book with my own sweet money.


Julie P. said...

Wow -- what a great review. Thanks for sharing. I am not familiar with this book (exc. for knowing the title) but your review has definitely piqued my interest.

nat @book, line, and sinker said...

heeeeyyyyy! i remember this book from my childhood!!! i loved reading all of lois duncan's books and sometimes reread them just for nostalgia sake.

did you know that in recent years, lois duncan's daughter was murdered and i think the case remains unsolved. i read about it in a school text book--it was tying nonfiction to fiction i think.