Monday, January 4, 2010

Sweet Loot!

Well I am ashamed to admit that while I was home for the holidays I was so busy that I only managed to read 1 FULL BOOK!!! What is that about. I had all these grand plans for tucking myself away at my mom's house in the woods, away from people and unable to access the internet. These are the perfect circumstances for finishing out the year with a huge pile of read and reviewed books right? Uh no! Throw in my husband who has family in Sacramento (a 2 hour drive), my brother (who is 23 and just bought a house last week...I'm so proud...and jealous), my brother's new girlfriend, my step-dad, step-sister, step-brother and his future bride, my best friend, her husband, my dad, my husband's mom, step-dad, sister and her boyfriend and then my husband's friends from high school who made me wear an ugly sweater (see picture here) and going to a Kings Game (Christmas present from my brother).

It is no wonder I spent all my time driving back and forth from Sacramento to Sonoma County (for a total of 6 times) and spending time with people I haven't seen since September. Although my husband hadn't seen them since July 2008!!!

Now the big question is do I read the books I was hoping to finish in December or jump right into my sweet Christmas loot?!?!

I was lucky enough to get almost $300 in Barnes and Noble gift cards, which is really important because I made a deal with my husband that I wouldn't spend any money on books until March 1. Luckily, I was planning on my family loving and knowing me well enough to give gift cards...which they did...cuz they're awesome! However, even if they hadn't I wouldn't be at a loss of things to read because they also added to my bookshelf with these...

Not Lost Forever: My Story of Survival is a book that I had never heard of but it is about a girl who was left for dead by her father after he killed the rest of her family. It all happened 20 years ago in Sonoma County, where I grew up, so my mom remembers it and when she heard about the book she went to a signing and bought copies for my step-sister, my future sister-in-law and myself. It looks really interesting and of course sad.

The Girl from Foreign is on my list for the South Asian Author Challenge.

Under the Dome is going to be the first book I have read by Stephen King and is also on my list for the 2010 Chunkster Challenge.

Pirate Latitudes is a book I just had to read.

Say You're One of Them
was exciting because my mom forgot she ordered it so when it came in the mail on the 30th it was like I got Christmas twice.

I have wanted to read Skeletons at the Feast since I read and fell in love with The Double Bind. I am so excited!


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

It's nice that you got to spend so much time with your family. And 300 bucks in books...March 1 will be here before you know it.

Anonymous said...

$300 in book bucks? Jealous!

nat @book, line, and sinker said...

wow!!! that's a ton of do-re-me for books!!! i made a resolution (ha!) to only buy used books or swap books for the first 6 months of the year. well, that resolution went the way of the 8-track on january 3rd when i went to b&n with my husband! i get weak-kneed when i see books...

welcome back--missed ya!