Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LOTR Readalong Begins

I was so excited to join the Lord of the Rings readalong that when the time came to start it was actually a little...daunting. What if I didn't like it? This was my chance to finally understand all the obsession. What if I still couldn't understand it? Sure I read The Hobbit in high school and I really enjoyed it but I couldn't remember a specific thing that made me feel that way and then I couldn't make it through The Fellowship of the Ring.

Well, I finally opened up The Hobbit and began. It is AWESOME! The amazing thing is that before I started reading I couldn't remember anything about the story but as I read, I kept remembering different parts and getting so excited to get to that part and read all the details again.

Ok, more about this in the future. Eva posted some questions to get the readalong going. So, lets start with the cover of my book. I bought the LOTR box set to get myself ready for the readalong and the cover of The Hobbit is the same one that I originally had when I read it in high school. I do have to admit, I think this cover is my favorite (the one Eva has comes in at a close second). I love the hobbit-hole. It was the one thing I vividly remembered because I wanted to live there so badly. I am excited to be back and loving it! It is the book I am keeping on my nightstand so I can wind down and possibly have some interesting dreams.

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Beth F said...

I already finished The Hobbit! (I'm an overachiever). I need to buy new copies of LOTR though -- my original books have started to fall apart.